Move well, Feel well!


New classes online every week!

Combination of Pilates, Yoga & Fitness.

Classes are pre recorded, released at 6.00am on  a Monday.

Pregnancy & Post Natal classes included.

Over 150 classes in library. Just €15/month

In Studio

**New in January 2022 Hot Yoga & Pilates**
Classes Monday-Saturday 

Move Better, Feel Better!

2 new classes every week!

The best of Pilates, Yoga & Fitness.

Strength, Flexibility and Improved posture.

Classes are pre recorded, released at 6.00am on a Monday and Wednesday.

*New* feature to save your favourite classes.

Available in a library to do at a time that suits you!

Also includes, Post Natal Program &

Weekly Pregnancy Classes

Just €15/month

Welcome to Charlene Casey Wellness.

Whether you are inactive, have a desk job, are a keen walker/ runner, a weight lifter or a team player, you will know that there is nothing more frustrating than stiffness, repetitive strain or recurring injury.

Incorporating more movement into your week will help you gain fitness, build strength, improve flexibility and mobilty and enhance performace in your daily life or activities. These 30-40 minute sessions will have you moving better and feeling better. Complete classes in the comfort of your home at a time that is covenient for you.

Join now and your future self will thank you.

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