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Move Well

We move well when we move in ways that are enjoyable for us and suitable for our bodies. We move well when we move without pain and in ways that will support our long term physical and mental health.

Look Well

We look well with good nutrition, quality sleep and healthy movement patterns. We look well when we are happy, enjoy what we are doing and our health is maintained. 

Feel Well

We feel well when we do more of the things that we enjoy. We feel well when we belong to like-minded communities who support and encourage us to reach our potential.

Charlene began her fitness career in 2006. While studying for her degree in the University of Ulster, Belfast, Charlene spent her evenings and weekends pursuing her passion for fitness through trainings and workshops. What Charlene believed to be her pastime, evolved into her true calling and a most successful, rewarding career.

In 2010, Charlene opened her first fitness studio in her hometown, Castleblayney, County Monaghan offering Spinning, Circuit training, Cardio box, Zumba and Rebounding.  After reccurring injuires, stiffness and repetitive strain,  Charlene turned to Yoga & Pilates to help undo the affects of many years of excessive exercise and back to back classes. Charlene discovered that these methods would help improve and mainatin fitness while supporting her longterm physical health. .

Now a qualified Pilates & Yoga teacher, Charlene is passionate about correct alignment and technique by maximizing every exercise with proper muscle activation and engagement. Her skilled approach encompasses strength, flexibility & mobility. Charlene’s enthusiasm for moving with awareness is reflected through her creative, challenging and enjoyable classes.

Charlene Casey Wellness

"Charlene is committed to helping people move better, to feel better. "

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