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Charlenes classes are a blend of Yoga, Fitness & Pilates principles to help you move better and feel better. Many of the members of the site enjoy this exercise format to help them gain strength and flexibility. Charlene also works with the following.


Charlene’s Pregnancy classes contain Yoga, Pilates & Fitness movements to help with core and leg strength, breathing and relaxation, strengthening your pelvic floor and relieving lower back pain. Charlene also trained as a Gentlebirth instructor and Maternity Reflexologist and she likes to add little golden nuggets of helpful information to help you prepare for your labour and birth. New content is added weekly and you will have a library of classes to choose from.

Runners / Walkers / GAA

Charlene’s classes help muscular imbalances, prevent overuse injuries, correct posture to improve running form, and enhance overall performance. Beyond injury prevention, Pilates exercises especially provide an optimal rehabilitation program for injuries. The multi directional movement and emphasis on correct alignment and core stability provides is a wonderful compliment to any sport.


Charlene provides private classes through zoom for companies and her website has also become an attraction to employers who have enrolled their staff on the online program as part of their health and wellness strategy. Work related stresses on the body, from prolonged sitting or manual handling often lead to employees on sick leave. Employers recognise that including Yoga, Pilates based movements help relieve both physical and mental stresses.

One of the companies I work with

"Charlene is committed to helping people move better, to feel better."

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